Blocked Drain Plumber Near Me Melrose Park

We Are Blocked Drain Plumber Near Me Melrose Park

Melrose Park is a suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, located 12 kilometres north-west of the Sydney central business district. It is part of the Northern Sydney region and is split between the local government areas of the City of Ryde and the City of Parramatta. Melrose Park sits on the northern bank of the Parramatta River and has a population of 1,574 people according to the 2016 census.

Melrose Park is named in honour of aviator Charles James Melrose (1913–1936), who held a number of flying records and helped in the search for Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. He died when his plane broke up in turbulence on a charter flight from Darwin to Melbourne. Streets in the suburb also recall other aviators such as Sir Alan Cobham, Jean Batten and Amy Johnson.

Melrose Park is served by bus route 524, connecting the suburb to West Ryde and Parramatta. The nearest train station is Meadowbank Station, located in the centre of Meadowbank. Stage 2 of the Parramatta Light Rail is a proposed light rail link between Westmead and Sydney Olympic Park via Parramatta. The project would include the construction of a bridge across the Parramatta River, between Melrose Park and Wentworth Point.

Melrose Park is undergoing a major redevelopment that will transform it into a smart city with around 6,000 new apartments, a town centre and retail village, community amenities and significant parklands. The $6 billion project covering 30 hectares is led by PAYCE, a leading property development company in Australia. Melrose Park Village is part of Sydney’s first iconic smart community Melrose Park North, taking residents into a technology-led future of unlimited potential and enviable living.

Melrose Park offers a lifestyle that combines the great outdoors with urban convenience. Residents can enjoy extensive parklands, open spaces and playgrounds, as well as vibrant shopping and dining options. Melrose Park is also close to major employment hubs such as Macquarie Park, North Ryde and Parramatta. Melrose Park is an all-encompassing community that reimagines apartment living and sets the stage for a dynamic lifestyle.

We are a Blocked Drain Plumber Near Me Melrose Park company with 5 star ratings from our satisfied customers all across Sydney. We have completed strata commercial works in Rosehill, blocked sewer drain in Ryde and blocked stormwater services in Mosman.

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Blocked Drain Plumber Near Me Melrose Park

If you have an emergency Blocked Drain plumbing problem in Melrose Park that needs Emergency attention, you can count on us to provide you with a reliable and efficient service. Get Unblocked is a Company of licensed and experienced plumbers who use the latest of technologies to solve your plumbing problems.

We specialise in services such as Blocked Sewer drains, Blocked storm water drains, CCTV Camera drain inspection, Blockage Location inspections. We can handle any Blocked Drain plumbing issue. We are available 24/7 to serve you in Revesby, Sydney and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a $0 call out fee and let us take care of your Clogged Drain plumbing needs.

Blocked sewer drain

A blocked sewer drain is a serious problem that requires emergency plumbing. It occurs when something obstructs the flow of wastewater in the sewer pipes in the Shower, Toilet, Basins, Kitchen sink, Floor waste, External sewer drains, causing it to back up and overflow.

Blocked sewer drains can be caused by various factors, such as tree roots, grease, sanitary products, or broken pipes. If left untreated, a blocked sewer drain can result in health hazards, property damage, and environmental pollution.

Blocked stormwater drain

A blocked stormwater drain is a serious problem that requires emergency plumbing. Stormwater drains are designed to collect and divert rainwater from roofs, gutters and down pipes, driveways and other surfaces. When these drains get clogged with leaves, dirt, debris, or roots, they can cause flooding, damage, and health hazards.

Blocked stormwater drains can also affect the pipes, strip drains, storm water pits, and other components of the drainage system. Therefore, it is important to clear any blockages as soon as possible and prevent them from recurring.

CCTV Camera inspection

A CCTV camera drain inspection is a method of inspecting drainage systems using a camera mounted on a flexible cable. This technique can help detect and diagnose various problems such as blocked, clogged, or damaged pipes, as well as identify the best solutions for emergency plumbing.

A CCTV camera drain inspection can also be useful for inspections before renovations, as it can reveal the condition and layout of the existing pipes and avoid any surprises or complications during the renovation process. A CCTV camera drain inspection can help detect major blockages that may pose a risk of flooding, sewage backup, or structural damage to the property.

Blocked Location Inspections

A blockage location inspection is a service that emergency plumbing professionals offer to locate and diagnose the cause of a blocked or clogged drain.

Using specialized equipment, such as cameras and sensors, they can detect the exact location and nature of the blockage, whether it is due to tree roots, foreign objects, misalignment, breakages, pipe collapse, or soil settlement. This helps them to determine the best course of action to clear the blockage and restore the normal flow of water.

Emergency blocked drain services

If you need plumbing services at any time of the day or night, you can count on us. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing without the emergency price. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a clogged drain. we’ll fix it quickly and efficiently. Contact Get Unblocked today for all of your Blocked drain Problems.

Clogged toilets, Blocked Shower floor wastes, Slow running Vanities and more..

A bathroom is a place where many problems can occur due to blockages. Some of the common blockages in the bathroom are:

Sewer pipe repairs

If you have a blocked sewer drain or stormwater pipe, you need a fast and reliable solution. That’s why you should call Get Unblocked, the experts in pipe repair and maintenance. We use advanced technology and equipment to locate and fix the problem. Whether it’s tree roots, grease, debris, or cracks, we can handle any situation and restore your pipes to their optimal condition.

Why CHOOSE Get Unblocked?

If you have a blocked sewer drain or stormwater pipe, you need a fast and reliable solution. That’s why you should call Get Unblocked, the experts in pipe repair and maintenance. We use advanced technology and equipment to locate and fix the problem. Whether it’s tree roots, grease, debris, or cracks, we can handle any situation and restore your pipes to their optimal condition.


Get Unblocked offer a $0 Call out fee when attending any blocked drain plumbing problem Sydney wide.If you have a blocked drain, you don't have to worry about paying extra for the call out. Get Unblocked is a plumbing service that offers a $0 Call out fee.

Honest and Upfront pricing

We give you honest and upfront fixed price, so you won’t find unexpected extras on your invoice. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing without the emergency pricing.

Fully licence and insured

Get Unblocked is a trusted and reliable Trade company with fully licenced and insured professionals. We have years of experience in the industry, and we carry all the necessary insurance to protect you and your home from any damage or liability.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing without the emergency price

If you need plumbing services at any time of the day or night, you can count on us. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing without the emergency price. If it's a burst pipe, a clogged drain or blocked sewer, we'll fix it quickly and efficiently. And we won't charge you extra for after-hours or weekend calls. We have the same rate all day every day.

Unblocked Guarantee - No fix No pay

Our service comes with an Unblocked Guarantee. If we can’t unblock it, you don’t pay! This does not include collapsed or broken pipework or any nonstandard pipework which may obstruct the jetter from doing its job.

Family owned and operated

Get Unblocked is a family Run and operated business that loves to look after the local communitythrough out Sydney.We have been in business for over 20 years, providing quality products and services to our customers. We value honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to support local charities and events that benefit our community. We are more than just a company; we are a family.

Leah Kelly
Leah Kelly
00:12 24 Apr 23
We had a fantastic experience with unblocked. They quickly responded to our enquiry and resolved our issue efficiently and with great customer service . Thanks for a wonderful service and team!
15:12 18 Apr 23
Called getunblocked and Joe arrived on time in short notice, Joe was super professional and friendly, excellent communication, did an incredible job to clear my blocked drainage, service provided was top notch and great value. Definitely will get Joe back again for future drain issues. Highly recommended!!!!
Lachlan mccann
Lachlan mccann
23:55 13 Apr 23
Great work highly recommend would use again
Kat Cavenagh
Kat Cavenagh
04:53 12 Apr 23
Very professional company,We were attended to very promptly and the job was done very professionally. We were greeted with a smile and was explained the situation and what the procedure would be. The team are definitely experts at what they do.Great service and I would not hesitate to recommend this company.
Cindy Linsdon
Cindy Linsdon
11:33 03 Apr 23
Great service and great prices would definitely recommend.
gino sama
gino sama
11:18 03 Apr 23
Joe was amazing… came out in time… took care and pride in his work..kept me up to date and followed up along the way… would 100% recommend Joe to anyone
Kitchen4U Renovations
Kitchen4U Renovations
11:10 03 Apr 23
I highly recommend Joe from Get Unblocked. Have used his company multiple times after some post reno issues. Never seem to disappoint.
Suzy Dudaric
Suzy Dudaric
15:21 30 Mar 23
We received amazing service from Get Unblocked for our shower issue recently. They arrived within the hour and sorted the job out quickly. Extremely happy with the price and definatley will be recommending these guys.
Cindy Vellis
Cindy Vellis
02:54 29 Mar 23
Very good price and great service from start to finish. Professional service.
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown
23:28 16 Mar 23
Highly recommend! Professional service and great customer care.
Amanda Muller
Amanda Muller
04:51 08 Mar 23
Amazing service, fast and efficient.Very Affordable.
Steve wehbe
Steve wehbe
11:27 06 Mar 23
Amazing service. Will definitely recommend and use again
Anna Lagos
Anna Lagos
03:07 28 Feb 23
We used Get Unblocked to clear a pipe that was blocked due to tree roots. They were professional, easy to deal with and got the job done. Will definitely use again.
Maria Recouvreur
Maria Recouvreur
12:03 24 Feb 23
Joe arrived on time to clear my sink, left everything clean and tidy and did a thorough job. Highly recommend.

Looking for an Emergency Plumber near me?

Get Unblocked are your local blocked drain emergency plumbers near me and the best choice for reliable plumbing services.

Our Local plumbers can handle any plumbing emergency, from clogged sewer pipes to blocked stormwater drains, Don’t let plumbing problems ruin your day, trust our local Get Unblocked Plumbers to fix them fast.

Latest knowledge and technology

At Get Unblocked, we pride ourselves on having the best plumbers in the business. They are all fully licensed and insured, and they undergo regular training to stay on top of the latest industry trends and technologies. That means you get the best plumbing solution for your needs, every time!

Our Get Unblocked Plumbers are also punctual, courteous, tidy and trustworthy. They respect your time and your property, and they always deliver quality service with a smile. We are committed to providing you with a personalised and customer-focused experience.

Our Services

Blocked drain sydney emergency plumber
Blocked drains, clogged sewer lines or slow draining sinks, Get Unblocked are your local emergency blocked drains plumbers using high pressure jet blasters.
Blocked storm water drains and pits clogged drain sydney emergency plumber
A blocked storm water drain, or pit can causereal issues around the house. Our Drain cleaners and Jet blaster can help resolve the issues.
Blocked toilet drain sydney emergency plumber
Clogged and slow flowing toilet can be a potential health risk. Our Licenced emergency plumbers can clear any blockage whether its too much toilet paper, wet wipes or sanitary products
Blocked shower drain clogged drain sydney emergency plumber
Slow flowing showers and blocked shower drains can be cause by hair, soap scum or other foreign objects. Our drain cleaning can help get them flowing again.
Blocked sink hair clogged drain sydney emergency plumber
Food, soap scum, hair and other things that don’t belong down a sink will eventually cause it to clogged up and block the drain. Get Unblocked can clear and unblocked any clogged sink situation through out Sydney and near by suburbs.
Tree roots, debris and even tennis balls can block stormwater pipes cause water to overflow and create havoc to your house. We use state of the art drain cleaner and CCTV cameras to help clear any clogged drains
Blocked shower drain clogged drain jet blaster drain locator sydney emergency plumber
Get Unblocked is equipped with one of the industries best cctv drain cameras, capable of viewing, recording and even locating the blocked drain and help determine the cause. It’s even used to determine if the blockage has been successfully Unblocked.
Along with the drain camera, Get unblocked also has a Drain Locator. It’s able to locate the exact location, depth and cause of the blocked drain.

Drain Cleaning

Grease, fat, wet wipes and other materials that should be put down you’re drain can easily cause blocked drains. Get unblocked’s Emergency licenced plumbers can help with drain cleaning Sydney wide
Blocked shower drain clogged drain jet blaster sydney emergency plumber

Jet Blaster

All of out Fully licensed and insured emergency plumbers are trained to use our state of the art jet blasters which are capable of clearing blockages, tree roots and any other foreign items that may clogged up your drains.

Sewer Repairs

Broken pipes and sewer lines can cause ongoing blockages and chokes. Get unblocked has the expertise and experience to dig up, repair and fix any broken, collapsed or damaged drain or sewer lines.

Emergency Plumber

We are your Emergency blocked drain plumbers near me, Fully licenced, insured and well equipped to handle any blocked drain, clogged toilet though out Sydney.


A blocked drain or sewer can be caused by various factors, such as Tree roots: Tree roots, Grease and fat, Foreign objects such as wipes, sanitary products, etc.. and Structural damage such as cracks, breaks, drain pipe collapses.

A clogged drain can cause a lot of problems in your home, such as water damage, foul odors, and health risks. Some of the signs that you have a clogged drain are Slow drainage, Gurgling noises, Bad smells and sewer or stormwater Overflowing.

We charge a set half hourly rate for most types of blocked drains whether it be a sewer pipe, blocked toilet, blocked shower, blocked kitchen sink, blocked main sewer and blocked stormwater line, grates & pit, you name it. This also includes the use of our state of the are CCTV drain camera and locator with in our rate

Our service comes with an Unblocked Guarantee. If we can’t unblock it, You don’t pay! This does not included collapsed or broken pipework or any non standard pipework which may obstruct the jetter from doing its job.

Of course we are!! Anyone clearing drains at your property will be a fully insured and licenced blocked drain plumber.  We are the first choice plumber for blocked drains

We service the Sydney and Wollongong areas

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